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Long Term Roof Maintenance Tips: How to Extend Your Roof Longevity

/ Long Term Roof Maintenance Tips: How to Extend Your Roof Longevity

It may seem like nothing’s built to last anymore, and that certainly may be truer than ever. But in an era of planned obsolescence, one thing could maybe last you a lifetime, if you take care of it the right way: your roof.

Roof longevity will help you avoid the high cost of roof replacement, which could cost you a fortune. If you’d like to save a bunch of money by not having to replace your roof, read on.

Roof Maintenance Tips

No matter what kind of roof you have, you can extend its lifetime by following some key tips.

First, clean your gutters periodically. When you do, you’ll stop water from building up and leaking. You should also trim overextended tree limbs that could erode and brush against the roof.

Second, you should strengthen your roof to protect it against storm-related winds, tornadoes, or hurricanes.

To do so, you’ll need an installer to seal decking with sealant or special tape. He then uses ring-shank nails to resist wind uplift. Finally, the installer uses metal flashing to lock down the edges of the roof.

Third, don’t power-wash shingles, because the concentrated spray can damage their top coating. That might not be covered by the warranty. Instead, hire a professional to manually remove moss and dirt with a leaf blower or broom.

Fourth, you need to properly insulate your cathedral ceilings and attics. In doing so, you’ll stop ice dams and leaks. Have a roofer install a self-adhesive membrane to safeguard parts of your roof against water and ice.

Last, you need proper ventilation. A misplaced exhaust fan can lead to condensation on the plywood decking supporting the shingles, possibly resulting in rot. Misplaced or inferior attic vents and soffits can lead to the same result.

Roof Maintenance Services

The type of service that your roof receives depends on the kind of roof it is.

Asphalt roofs are the most popular roofing material. Treat it like you would your car, getting it routine maintenance and regular inspections. You’ll be rewarded with 15 to 20 years of a quality asphalt roof.

Maintenance pays high dividends when done on shake and wood shingle roofing. Wood roofs can give you problems that no other material can so beware. You’ll want wood roofing to stay as dry as possible so that moisture doesn’t harm it.

To do so, properly ventilate its underside and keep it clean by removing any dirt, leaves, and other detritus whenever possible. Also, ensure that the attic is sufficiently ventilated.

Other kinds of roof require less maintenance. Tile roofs can last 50 years or more without much maintenance because they’re so durable. They’re common in the West and the South.

Slate roofs are expensive and less common, but a well-installed, top-notch slate roof can last a century. With slate and tile roofs, you must buy the best materials to maximize their longevity.

Roof Longevity

Roofs are an important investment that can last you quite some time if you really take care of yours. However, even the most experienced DIY’er can’t master all of the trades at home. It’s okay to seek help with roof longevity.

So for help with ensuring that your roof lasts as long as absolutely possible, seek out TC Backer today.

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