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How To Tell When You Need A New Roof!

/ How To Tell When You Need A New Roof!
At some point as a homeowner, you may need to seriously consider installing a new roof. Perhaps you have a damaged roof, or maybe the aesthetic just isn’t what you’re looking for. Let’s talk about how important it is to install a new roof as your roof ages and the seasons change!

Old Roof

The average roof life span is 20-50 years. That can really only be achieved if your roof was installed correctly using premium products and materials. Using under-par services (including company used, as well as products) can shorten that lifespan. As you move into your new home, you might not even be aware of underlying damage that isn’t visible from the outside! If you start to notice leaks in parts of your home that weren’t there before, chances are they may be coming from either a burst pipe or a leak in your roof. You should take care of this immediately, as delaying the process will only worsen it.

External Visible Damage

External Visible Damage is the most clear-cut way to tell if you need a new roof. We see this often, especially due to weather conditions, season changes, wind damage, and even hail! Call your local trusted roofing company immediately if you notice lifted shingles or something that seems out of place, call your local trusted roofing company immediately! If you are located in DE, PA, MD, NJ, WV, or VA, then TC BACKER CONSTRUCTION has a solution for you.

Storm Damage / Act of God

In life, we have to be prepared for the unpredictable. Sometimes that happens with severe weather damage due to storms, snowfall, heavy winds, heavy rain, plus much more. It’s always better to be prepared for the worst instead of having to deal with the mess afterward. We can’t always predict the weather, however, we can protect our homes from bad weather by ensuring our roof is held to the highest standard and always in tip-top shape. Remember that your roof is what protects your most valuable asset: your family.


Decking/Mold is a hidden killer when it comes to roofs. Due to our change in seasons or an improperly installed roof, the decking of the roof can become rotted. This can cause extreme damage in the future, such as the decking becoming rotted or molded out, leading to a leak within your property’s infrastructure. With enough water and rot buildup on your roof decking, you can expect some serious issues to arise as time goes on. Imagine sitting at the dinner table with your family when all of a sudden a bubble forms on your ceiling. Go to pop it, and now you have a rush of water coming through your home where it typically shouldn’t be. By preparing your roof for the worst, and always routinely performing an inspection you can avoid this hassle and save the possible trauma caused by this event.

The Roof of Your Dreams

The Roof of Your Dreams is only a few clicks away. Software is available that will allow you to completely 3D design your roof, siding, gutters, and all exterior features. Many homeowners take advantage of this on a daily basis in order to build their dream homes. You can do this too! Ask TC Backer Construction about creating a 3D design for you.

Granules Missing

Granules Missing is another very common issue that you may encounter as a homeowner. This can go back to storm damage, faulty installation, or just the general age of your roof. Making sure that you pay attention to any changes in your roof, is vital to maintaining the health and success of your property.

Algae Streaking

Algae Streaking is a very common occurrence. This happens due to heat, humidity, shade, and moisture. This can be very common in areas with a lot of shade coverage. If you notice your roof has black streaks running down your shingles, algae is most likely the cause of this issue. You do have the option to have your roof cleaned, however, this can lead to granules missing.

Condensation Stains

Condensation Stains found on your interior walls or ceiling are a huge indicator that something isn’t right. This can be caused by a multitude of issues such as poor installation and ventilation, and water being redirected into the interior of your property as opposed to being redirected down your gutters and released properly. The last thing you want to do is ignore these condensation stains. This is a sign of a much larger issue. We at TC Backer Construction are well-equipped and qualified to handle these situations safely, professionally, and efficiently.

Wind Damage

Wind Damage doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with a storm. Strong winds can occur without even realizing it. This will cause your shingles to lift from your roof, which eventually will cause water to build up and redirect under the lifted shingles. A repair or replacement will be needed in order to resolve this issue, so we highly recommend calling your local trusted Roofer to handle this issue for you. We at TC Backer Construction routinely handle problems such as this when they occur.

Roof Collapsing

Roof Collapsing happens more often than one would expect. This can be caused by storm damage or even just from old age. Your shingles begin to lose their granules over time, weakening the roof structure and potentially causing further damage to the interior of your home. Not only do you need to completely replace your roof if this happens, but you might have to involve some interior work as well to bring your home’s value and comfort level back to where it once was.

As we can see through this blog, roofing can be quite the fickle beast. This is why we can’t express enough the importance of why you need to routinely have your roof inspected by a professional so they can properly assess any damage, and deliver a solution in a timely manner. At TC Backer Construction, we are prepared to prevent and resolve all issues as mentioned above. If you are located in the DE, PA, MD, NJ, WV, or VA area, please feel free to reach out to us so we can send a representative to handle your needs and bring your home back to life, or remodel it to your dream home that you’ve always envisioned. Call us at (866) 585-6595 and we will gladly handle your needs today!

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