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7 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Experience

/ 7 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Experience

About 40% of building-related problems are caused by water intrusion— and the water mainly enters through the roof.

Homeowners must, therefore, prioritize roof maintenance and repairs. But first, you need to know what roofing problems to look out for. You don’t have to wait for the first leak to realize there’s a problem with your roof.

But apart from leaking, how many roof problems do you know, really? Below are the seven most common roof problems experienced by homeowners.

1. Leaking

If you notice there is water flowing down a wall, your roof could be leaking. Water droplets, mildew, and water stains could also be evidence of a leaking roof. The remedy for a leaking roof is replacing the shingle and sealing off the holes causing the leak.

2. Damaged Gutters

Falling downspouts or gutters is among the common roof issues. If not taken care of, they could lead to roof damage and flooding. Before replacing your gutters, check them for clogging first.

You should replace your damaged gutters before they cause more harm to your house.

3. Moss

Moss growth is caused by exposure to damp and cool conditions. Moss can cause gutter blockage and winter cracks on your roof. To avoid this, ensure you clear the moss from the roof as soon as possible.

To clear moss from your roof, mix water with laundry detergent and chlorine bleach, then use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on the affected area. After 30 minutes, use clean water to rinse it off.

4. Animals

While most people think that animals are only attracted to damaged roofs, they could also set up camp on your well-maintained roof. Animals that continuously burrow into roofs could lead to damage. As they make progress, your roof may break, causing leaks.

Birds could also cause future problems to your roof, primarily if they build nests on it. Ensure you evict them as soon as possible to avoid repair costs.

5. Falling Granules

This is a common problem for homeowners due to the tiny particles used to make asphalt shingles. These particles are damaged by dangerous UV rays from the sun.

If the granules start falling off, you may notice bald and worn-out patches on the roof. You may also notice strips and patches of discoloration.

6. Tree Branches

Even the weather could be a potential problem for your roof, especially if you live in an area prone to high-speed winds. Even if you have been careful and cutting off any extra tree branches from the trees around your house, the winds could make your roof weak leading to breakage.

Wind can cause branches to break and fall on your roof, leading to destruction. Branches that continuously knock on your roof could lead to sagging and roof destruction.

7. Neglect

This is among the biggest cause of roof problems. Ensure you regularly hire a professional to check on your roof. They can also inspect for any potential issues, helping you avoid future expensive and unexpected repair costs.

Having your roof inspected is the best way to avoid severe damages. It can also help you reduce the overall long-term costs of repair.

Solve Your Roof Problems Today

Luckily, homeowners can avoid these problems by carrying out timely professional roof maintenance and repairs.

Are you facing roof problems? Or are you considering roof repair or remodel? For all your roofing needs in Dover, Pennsylvania, contact us today for a free inspection.

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