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5 Things You Should Know About Roof Repairs

/ 5 Things You Should Know About Roof Repairs

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home’s environmental envelope. Sadly, it’s also routinely the source of common problems like water intrusion.

Your roof is also likely the part of your home you give the least amount of thought to when there isn’t an obvious problem. After all, how often do you really get up on your roof and take a look? Many homeowners assume that if the roof looks okay from the road or driveway, it’s fine.

This approach often drives the need for roof repairs. If you suspect you’ll need a roof repair soon, here are five things you should know.

1. Common Roof Repairs

There are a handful of very common roof repairs carried out across the nation. The most common repair is probably simple shingle replacement, followed closely by leak repairs. You may also see puncture repairs from limbs dislodged during heavy wind storms or rainstorms.

2. Professional Repairs Protect Your Safety and Home

Professional roofers know the ins and outs of working on a roof, which means they can perform repairs safely. Professionals also know what not to do while repairing your roof. That helps them avoid unnecessary damage to your home.

3. Pros Offer Warranties

Many roofing companies offer warranties on their work. That means if the repair doesn’t resolve the problem, you can call the company up and get it fixed. There are no warranties on the work if you do it.

4. A Repair Won’t Always Be Enough

Unfortunately for some homeowners, what they think will take a repair will actually require a replacement. For example, let’s say you notice a leak. You go into your attic, spot some staining, and assume you pinpointed the problem.

What you may not see is that there are several leaks that compromised the wood that holds your roof up. That’s why it’s always best if you bring in a professional roofing company to inspect the problem.

5. Roof Repair Cost

The final cost of your home roof repairs will hinge on a few factors. The scope of the repair and your location are two major factors that drive the cost up or keep it down.

Your roofing material will factor into the cost. Asphalt shingles are common and inexpensive, so repairs are less. Clay tiles and metal roofs will typically cost more because the materials are more expensive.

In general, roofing repairs run a little under $1000 on average.

Roof Repairs and Your Home

The sad truth is that many major roof repairs happen because of an unintentional kind of neglect. You can avoid these repairs with routine roof inspections by a licensed roofer. These inspections will help you identify and fix problem spots before they become major hassles.

If you do end up with more severe roof problems, enlist a professional for advice and the actual work. It’s safer for you and your home.

TC Backer specializes in roof repairs and installation for the Dover, PA area. For questions or to schedule an inspection, contact TC Backer today.

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