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3 Must Have Roofing Maintenance Tips

/ 3 Must Have Roofing Maintenance Tips

Do you want to make your roof last for as long as possible between professional maintenance sessions? Keeping a well-maintained roof is crucial if you want to avoid leaks and pests, but how can you do it on your own?

We have a few roofing maintenance tips that can help anyone out. Whether you need flat roof maintenance, metal roof maintenance, commercial roof maintenance, or anything else along those lines, there’s a tip for everyone.

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1. Clean Often

How often do you get up on your roof and clean it out? You want to make sure that there’s nothing on your roof or in your gutters that can contribute to wear and tear.

You want to look for the obvious problems first. Make sure that you remove large debris, like branches, toys, garbage, or anything else that’s big enough to cause serious damage.

After this, go through your routine gutter cleaning. You should do this twice per year. Clear out any leaves and small sticks that can clog up your gutter and check under your shingles.

Wet leaves can get trapped up here and cause problems with mold and mildew.

2. Check Any Openings

Do you have any openings in your roof?

Anyone who has skylights or a chimney knows that there can be some damage around these openings in your roof, but not enough people check these openings as often as they should.

You should do this at least twice per year, though if you experience any storms or extreme winds, it’s best to do it whenever the weather clears up.

Look for any shingles peeling up or water gathering in the gaps around the opening. You might discover that it’s time to hire roof maintenance services if the damage is beyond your fixing ability.

3. Check Your Attic

If you have an attic, it can be useful for detecting any roof problems.

Make sure that your attic is well-insulated. Good insulation can prevent moisture from rising from the main area of the house, which protects your roof.

You also want to make sure that you check your attic for leaks or mold. While this should be part of your home maintenance schedule, you should pay special attention after storms.

Try to be aware of any pests that may make their homes in your attic. These can indicate that there’s a problem with your roof that you need to address. Look for birds, squirrels, and even termites. Catching these things early can save your roof.

Use These Roofing Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Roof

A good roof cleaning and maintenance routine are essential if you want your roof to hold strong for as long as possible. With these roofing maintenance tips in mind, you can keep your roof secure between your routine professional maintenance sessions.

Speaking of professional maintenance, is it time for you to get roof maintenance services? If so, our professional roofers are here to help. Contact our professionals at TC Backer and get a free quote today!

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