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Roofing Podcast 141 Jordana Gordic of 3XR – Behind the Toolbelt

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Jordana Gordic of 3XR Chris 00:03:01 – 00:03:16 So we’ve got a wonderful guest here with us today, guys. All TC backer supporters here, please welcome Jordana Gordic! She is coming to us from… Where are you coming from, Jordana? Jordana 00:03:16 – 00:03:18 Arizona. Chris 00:03:18 – 00:03:20 Arizona, Arizona. Jordana 00:03:21 – 00:03:21 […]

Diaper Drive

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Call us and we’ll pick up your donations: (866) 585-6595 THANK YOU!!! TC Backer Construction of Dover PA offers roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and solar shingle roof systems. Serving PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, and WV. Your “Roofer Near Me”! The post Diaper Drive appeared first on TC Backer Construction.

How To Register Your Roofing Warranty

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Roofing warranties are an important part of any roof installation. They provide protection against defects and damage caused by workmanship, materials, or the environment. In order to ensure that a warranty is valid and up-to-date, it must be registered with the manufacturer or supplier who provides the warranty. This article will discuss the steps required […]